by Bill Snyder Astrophotography

Stardust City Pittsburgh

The images below represent the field of view for the different image sizes listed. Just select the image size of your choice in the Paypal cart. These images are printed on 100+ year photographic paper and mounted on single weight mounting board. The 16X24  or larger is mounted on 3/16 foam board to always ensure that the picture will never crease or wrinkle. If you have visited my booth at an Art Show these pictures are prepared the same as you see there. If you would like a specific size other that is available below, custom matting,  custom framing,  please contact me via email  or  Phone 724-880-3316

11X14 65.00




16X24  185.00

20X30  285.00


This is a photo I have taken of Pittsburgh Pa. and then layered in many of my deep space images. Feel free to zoom in and observe the detail, there are 36 different image layers combined in this. The Stardust title is referring to the fact that everything is derived from the life cycle of stars and remnants produced by exploding stars called supernovas.