by Bill Snyder Astrophotography

Bill Snyder Astrophotography

Hi my name is Bill Snyder, I have been involved in astrophotography since 2007, I would like to make available some of my images to you. These are a collection of Narrowband and RGB images taken from my home observatory and an observatory in the Sierra Nevada Mountains Ca. operated remotely over the Internet. Narrowband images are produced using a combination of data gathered using different filters which allow only light emitted at a very narrow wavelength by which certain elements to pass through. These are Hydrogen Alpha, Ionized Oxygen and Ionized Sulpher, commonly known as Ha OIII SII. These 3 separate images are combined to create the colorful images you see on my site. RGB images portray an object in more of a natural color, they are produced by using filters that permit the red blue and green wavelengths to pass through each particular filter. They are then combined to produce a RGB image. These photographs are as seen at the Art Festivals and Art Shows I attend. For more information regarding any specific sizing, please email or call. or  724*880*3316
Thank You
Bill Snyder


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